Special events

  • At the foot of the balloon, which is tethered in the middle of the André Citroën park (34.5 acres) in the 15th arrondissement, we have a pavilion offering breathtaking views over the park.

The 753-square-foot (70-square-meter) facility can host up to 70 guests, seated or standing. It can be rented out starting from 10 guests for all types of events: press conferences, product launches, seminars, cocktail parties, celebrations and more.

Depending on the times and weather, you can also enjoy balloon flights at a special discounted rate. All our flights go up to 492 feet (150 meters) and last around 10 minutes.

Renting the pavilion




€700 Incl. taxes (20% vat)

full day 

€1,400 INCL. TAXES (20% VAT)

evening*(including a security guard)

€1,500 INCL. TAXES (20% VAT)

dance party (8pm/2am) with sound system (lighting and dj), security (2 guards) and clean-up service

€2,880 INCL. TAXES (20% VAT)

private balloon rides for 30 minutes 

€600 INCL. TAXES (20% VAT)

*Catering services are not included in the above prices.


For evening events, there is a one-hour minimum booking period (9.30-10.30pm) for private balloon flights. You will only be billed for this service if weather permits the flights. This balloon, which is tethered to the ground by a cable, takes off every ten minutes in front of our pavilion. You can admire Paris and its monuments from 492 feet (150 meters) of altitude during a quiet, smooth flight with visibility of over 25 miles (40 kilometers).

Book the balloon for your event at abcsalles.com

Contact : contact@ballondeparis.com  – +33 1 44 26 20 00