Generali, a responsible insurance provider

Generali made sustainable development principles an integral part of its business as early as in the early 2000s. The company supports initiatives that help build a more responsible society. Since the early 2000s, Generali has been leading awareness and research activities on environmental issues, such as Jean-Louis Etienne’s 2010 expedition over the Arctic Ocean. As part of its partnership established with the Ballon de Paris in 2013, Generali funds research on air pollution and its consequences on health in partnership with the CNRS and Airparif on board the aircraft.

Offering guarantees and benefits to encourage responsible behavior

Working with the 800,000 professionals and SMEs that make up its core clientele in France, Generali developed an innovative diagnostic method (“Generali Performance Globale”). This method aims to help business owners manage risks by taking sustainable development issues into account, such as reducing environmental impacts, integrating social and human factors in activity management, etc.

Companies and professionals who are most committed to active sustainability policies receive a certification of excellence for risk management and corporate social responsibility (CSR) as well as special assistance.

A new way to manage financial and real estate assets

Generali realized in the early 2000s that it had a responsibility as an investor to act in a positive way to limit the impacts of its investments. As of late 2017, Generali France had already invested EUR245 million in green bonds. The Generali Group holds socially responsible investment funds worth EUR37.2 billion.

For its real estate holdings, Generali was among the first insurers to launch a green building approach. The company chose to make quality and environmental performance a priority. In 2017, Generali Real Estate, the group’s real-estate subsidiary, received the Green Star for its participation in the GRESB Index, which assesses CSR actions of real estate companies.


Developing an active social responsibility policy

Generali works at various levels (associations, businesses, sports clubs, etc.) to encourage initiatives in favor of solidarity, equal opportunities and the respect of environmental balance and biodiversity.


In 2017, the Generali Group launched The Human Safety Net, a foundation dedicated to supporting the world’s most vulnerable communities.. In France, two programs were started: one provides assistance for people with refugee status looking to start their own businesses, while the other promotes equal opportunities for disadvantaged young people.

Generali France has lent its support to the Entrepreneurs d’avenir (Entrepreneurs of the future) movement since it was created in 2009. Today, it brings together more than 800 business owners who want to combine economic results with social responsibility.

In 2010, Generali created its Charte du Sport responsable (Responsible sport charter) to encourage the signatory sports federations and clubs to promote and make sports accessible to everyone, find jobs and new careers for athletes and limit their environmental impact.

Last, Generali supports the Association Santé Environnement France (ASEF) , which works to develop knowledge about the ties between health and the environment. ASEF brings together nearly 2,500 physicians and deals with all issues having an impact on public health and the environment: air quality, electromagnetic waves, biodiversity, nutrition and more.

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